Our Policies

L&H Hoists Co., Ltd will manufacture, source products and services that consistently conform to or exceed our customers’ expectations.

We will pursue continual improvements in all our systems and processes.

Improvement will be achieved through our commitment to our integrated management system which complies with ISO 9001:2008.

Our employees understand and comply with our quality policy.



Quality management and control  

We will follow each step of the orders, raw material incoming → production process → testing → packaging → shipping. 

We will regularly check the measuring tools which the factory is using now, whether it has been corrected. 

We can ensure that each piece products had been tested by load 150% before shipping. 

We will take test sample for each capacity products from the batch shipment and arrange breaking test every year, to ensure that we maintain a stable quality. 

We never change material or suppliers without notice our customers. 








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