• LHS-CTA Skate

    To be used for heav objects while its moving, which makes the movement much more easier

    PU Wheels

  • LHS-CRWK Skate


    Each wheel can do horizontal rotation of 360 degrees

    PU Wheels

  • LHS-CRM Skate

    Available in capacities varying from 5 to 500 ton. 

    Crawler Skates 

  • LHMJ Mechanical Jack

    Expecptional safety by the crank with self-actuating brake for holding the load in any positon 

    Lift on both top and heels 

  • LH-MJW Steel Jack

    Wall mounted rack & pinion jack

    Suitable for both workplace and construction site

    Special rack length could be made as customers’ requests

  • LH-MJS Steel jack

    Suitable for sluice gate

    Special rack length could be made as customers’ requests

  • LHTJ Toe Jack

    For repairs, maintenance and installation of heavy machines

    Compact and stable construction

  • LHTG Toe Jack

    Super low profile lifting toe

    Adjustable lifting toe

    Heavy duty structure 

  • Drum Grab

    The DrumGrab™ is a unique Australian designed device which offers a safe, easy and reliable way to shift, lift and manoeuvre most 205 litre drums. It is self-centering, fast and easy to lock on and will only come off when required! It fits to most lifting devices and has a rated capacity of 1 Tonne. 

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